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Updating employee information in large companies

However, managing cyber risks through insurance is relatively new.

Although the market for cyber liability insurance is off to a good start, it is expected to grow dramatically over time as businesses gradually become more aware that current policies do not adequately cover cyber risks.

She said that seeing the letter I was reading was enough to let her know that at least one person was likely already onto them, and that she felt that, awkward as it may be, she needed to disclose this to HR so that, if someone did start treating her differently as a result, it was on the record that she was aware that people knew about the affair and had good reason to treat her differently. I imagine he isn’t approached often to formally document affairs, but we both managed to carefully avoid passing any judgment as we realize it isn’t our jobs to decide whether someone’s private relationship is appropriate so long as it doesn’t impact their job performance.

We told Anna as much, and I later advised that she and Alex should continue to act professionally at work and be sure to avoid any real or perceived work conflicts (something I’d say to any employee involved in an office romance, regardless of whether it is an affair).

To cover these unique cyber risks through insurance requires the purchase of a special cyber liability policy.

However, cyber risk remains difficult for insurance underwriters to quantify due in large part to a lack of actuarial data.

She then explained that she became romantically involved with Alex not knowing his marital status, but that she’d found out on her own a while back and chose to continue the relationship.

As gracefully as anyone can in these circumstances, she admitted that while it sounds awful, the awkward truth is that she and Alex are still involved…in an affair.

Please do not mistake my professionalism for ‘cooperation’ or any sort of personal endorsement of the relationship.Cybersecurity risks have become more significant as critical consumer financial and health information is increasingly stored in electronic form.As people become more reliant on electronic communication, and as businesses collect and maintain ever more granular pieces of information on their customers, the opportunity for bad actors to cause difficulties for businesses and the public is exploding.I fully expected this to be about her having to terminate an employee or some other standard office business, but it turns out, she wanted to disclose her relationship with Alex as a result of seeing the letter!The way this happened was that she basically opened the meeting by saying that she’d seen the headline on my computer and worried I’d been searching for an answer online for how to address the relationship between her and Alex.

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