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At the start of the 19th century the Dutch adopted a unified metric system, but it was based on a modified version of the metric system, different from the system used today.

In 1869, this was realigned with the international metric system.

After the metric system was introduced in 1816, the word pond continued to be used, but for 1 kilogram.

In the Dutch fishery, a last was a measurement of the fish loaded into the various types of fishing boat in use (e.g. The last of these could take 35 to 40 last of fish, the exact amount depending on the location.Between the introduction of the "Dutch metric system" (Nederlands metriek stelsel) in 1816 and the reforms in 1869, the word "mijl" was used to refer to a kilometre.The word mijl has since fallen into disuse except when referring to the "mile" used in English-speaking countries.The Dutch units of measurement used today are those of the metric system.Before the 19th century, a wide variety of different weights and measures were used by the various Dutch towns and provinces. Smaller distances were measured in units based on parts of the body – the el, the voet, the palm and the duim.

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It was generally around 480 grams, but there was much variation from region to region.