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It’s certainly a lot more comfortable than before and noise, vibration and harshness is class leading. The clean lines from the outside are carried inwards and the abundant use of soft plastics on the dash communicates quality in the highest form. Check out the video here: AFS Why would anyone want to switch off AFS beats me … Honda is still a master of cabin space design, I guess. While the warranty period may not be the same as some continental makes, it is on par with other Japanese offerings.Some other journalists have remarked that it’s almost as good as a luxury continental brand and I have to concur. I didn’t quite like the CX-5 interior due to its rather tall dashboard layout and thicker wood grain which kinda makes it look somewhat bare. The leather wrapped steering is meaty enough with all the usual controls being where they are, namely:- . it’s like throwing away a useful pair of chopsticks so that you can preserve it? The lower right icon with a picture of box bending sideways is the a lane departure warning system. Controls for the sunroof are also where it’s supposed to be. IMHO, the pricing is good considering the amount of technology the car has and one hopes that the demand is good enough for Bermaz to consider running a CKD operation here and bringint the price lower.In it are the manual levelling, auto On/Off halogen lights. Pushing it at a sharp corner, understeer was kept in check and I dare say I’ve not felt a D segment as confident inspiring as the Mazda 6. Gone are the red/blue meters and replaced with the CX-5 like classy white dials. Not to be confused with other technologies with regenerative braking system, the recharge happens when you lift your foot off the accelerator, NOT when you depress the brakes (which is the conventional case for most regenerative braking systems) so some have asked how natural the braking experience is considering other systems causes an unnatural, 2-step-level depress positions. Look down to the right side behind the steering and you’ll find a couple of buttons with symbols not often found in this segment. This is probably as close to a Volvo you can find in a Japanese car when it comes to safety . Mazda is currently running a 5 years warranty 5 years maintenance Chinese New Year promotion package so who knows, perhaps come March when the Mazda 6 is launched, the warranty will be on par with other continental warranty schedules.As a whole, the car felt nimble and light, the steering is quite chatty for a D segment family car; the traction on the wheels were well communicated to the driver. The answer in the Mazda 6 is it’s perfectly natural …. I love the suspended design of the stalks which follows the conventional Japanese orientation of left side wiper, right side signal. Also part of the flagship spec, keyless entry and push start is also considered quite the normal serving for a car costing this much. I think the car-tyres-peeing-on-the-road symbol is pretty self explanatory. Don’t go looking for a spare tire underneath the boot floor because there isn’t any. Speaking from my personal experience, those punctures I experienced cannot be repaired by such a kit since they were chewed up by sharp edges of potholes so do be careful when driving, especially at the country side. With its good looks, class leading specifications (at its price bracket) and claimed excellent fuel consumption of 17.4km per litre for the 2.0, 15.6km per litre for the 2.5 and GT (surprisingly, the fuel tank size is only 62 litres), it’s certainly going to be a hot seller.I was expecting the car to slide a bit at a particular corner when I was pushing it but surprisingly, the car held onto the road pretty well. A far cry from the predecessor which had as much buttons as an Airbus A380, the designers of the new Mazda 6 have gone back to the kitchen and came up with something a lot simpler but no less tastier. Speaking of cruise control, other markets can spec their Mazda 6 with Adaptive Cruise Control which automatically brakes and speeds the car if there are any vehicles traveling slower than you in front. which is of course since they don’t have any additional regenerative brakes and relies solely on the conventional friction brakes on the discs to slow/stop the car. For any top of the range flagship model, auto headlamp activation and auto wipers are standard. The i-stop on the other hand is a feature which shuts your engine down when coming to a stop, improving economy by as much as 5% (ignore the 5% if you happen to consume your entire tank of fuel travelling from Bukit Kayu Hitam near the Malaysia-Thai border to Singapore since this feature does absolutely nothing unless there is a traffic jam on the highways). RVM (no, it does nothing to your Rear View Mirror) stands for Rear View Monitoring is pretty much a blind spot indicator used to detect any vehicles behind traveling faster than you as you signal out. candles and whips would look perfectly normal if found in this car . Rear seats are now a joy to be in instead of the earlier model’s claustrophobic rear legroom. Behind in the boot, you’ll there’s enough space not to disappoint your family members if you all decide to go on an extended holiday somewhere. It would look really silly on you if you’re ferrying your boss around and cannot move because of a flat. I heard the first batch of 100 units brought in and currently roasting in Port Klang are all taken up so if you do want one fast, better head to the nearest Mazda showroom and book one.The 19″ wheels hardly squealed, much less having the car’s ESP kicking in to save my @ss from an embarrassing situation. Of course, the offset of having such large rims is a somewhat stiffer suspension but I find it’s not much different from say, a Honda Civic 2.0. Compared with the previous model, the dashboard has been divided to two with a wood ingrain panel that runs from the left to the center. All it takes for a full charge of the EDLC is 7-10 seconds of coasting … Here’s a video of how it works: RVM Just remember to use your blinkers when signalling and don’t go blaming Mazda if you don’t follow road manners when changing lanes. AFS or Adaptive Front-lighting System is a directional headlamp system that changes the angle of the xenon headlights depending on the steering input. As huge as a CX-5’s glove compartment, you could probably stuff a Rottweiler in there as additional theft deterrent . The 2,830mm wheelbase is certainly obvious here but somehow, the Honda Accord’s rear space felt larger. A most welcome addition; rear air conditioning vents which its predecessor does not have. For me, the Mazda 6 2.5litre has certainly ticked all the right boxes on my palate and truly deserve to be called the best Japanese D segment to buy in Malaysia. You won’t complain so much if it was a 5-star Japanese restaurant serving the best food for your stomach, would you? The new Mazda 6 has been launched on 20 March 2013 and is priced at RM155,159 for the 2.0 sedan, RM184,648 for the 2.5 sedan and RM188,648 for the 2.5 Touring wagon (all prices OTR with insurance) and all models comes with a 3 years warranty and free maintenance package.

This is to ensure that the square shape is maintained throughout the rolling process.20. I thought that I could find my blogging mojo back by hibernating for a few months and a few weeks…. Without the blog, I would’nt have ‘met’ so many lovely people around the world and be known by so many lovely people as well. So, dengan berat hati and a lot of sadness, I am going to blog for the last time tonight. I found so many cyber friends and even met a lot of them in real life.I mean, what’s not to like when all your customers line up to pay you in cash while you can, in some cases choose to pay your suppliers in terms, allows you to set almost any price that you want and you can choose, at your whim and fancy when to work and when to take a break.The challenge here is getting to that point where all this happens regularly and no amount of clever marketing can ever deliver you there if your in the kitchen is not strong enough. As mentioned earlier, we get 2 types of engines: the 153hp @ 6,000rpm with 200Nm of torque @ 4,000rom 2.0litre and the 2.5litre that produces 185hp @ 5,700rpm with 250Nm of torque @ 3,250rpm.

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