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Online dating sites must love dogs grooming

Though some clippings did go airborne, they did so in a more controlled manner than the flying circus we experienced with comparable Tweezerman models.The recommendation initially came to us by way of a professional manicurist and we also found they had very positive user feedback on Amazon: an average of 4.1 stars over 252 reviews.We like that they’re solidly constructed out of stainless steel, fit comfortably in one hand, and make a satisfying “click” sound when clipping.Both our male and female testers liked the way they left finger- and toenails feeling soft enough and without jagged edges and without clippings flying every which way.But since then, the Mehaz have become nearly impossible to find, so we think the Muji Silver Clippers, available on both Amazon and Muji’s own site, are the best available choice for most people.Amazon customers, the few of them that there are, like them a lot: The Muji (size small) have a perfect rating of five stars, though just 16 reviews have been posted.We like the well-angled handle that gives ample leverage for quick, precise cuts without using a lot of force.

For , you get nicely designed compact, sharp clippers that cut nails cleanly without needing too much force.In fall 2014, we repeated the same process with the same male and female testers pitting the Mehaz 660 against the Muji Silver Nail Clippers, Clyppi Stainless Steel, and Klip Pro.The Muji Silver Nail Clippers (size small) were one of our favorite clippers we tested because they clipped fingernails and toenails cleanly without requiring much force.The good news is that you can get clippers with those features that’ll last you years for less than .In early 2014, we had one female tester use five different clippers—the Tweezerman Deluxe, Seki Edge, Feather Pa Ra Da, Kai 0718, and Mehaz 660—twice each on her fingernails and toenails, watching for the ease with which each pair cut, whether nail clippings flew off, and how nails felt once clipped. To get a sense of the sharpness of each pair of blades, we compared how all five pairs cut into a plastic hotel room key card, watching for spidering near the edges.

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I’ve been using the Mehaz 660s weekly for the past year, and they’re still the best nail clippers I’ve owned.

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