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Nrdc the dating game

Is the Obama Administration breaking its promise to protect endangered species?It appears that your computer does not have the Flash Player required to view NOW videos.Commenter: Kadah Wooley Mammoths were here before us, too.Maybe we should "reintroduce" their closest relative: the elephant.had enough political savvy to keep the wolf out in the first place, maybe they can lead the way to eliminate it.Commenter: D James There are way too many wolves for the amount of habitat when wolves need to kill pets, dogs, and livestock The lower 48 states have a huge population that needs to be controlled one way or another.They're never really going anywhere," said Ed Bangs, the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Coordinator for the U. Some believe the result of this legal debate is a litmus test for the Obama Administration's overall approach to wildlife issues and the Endangered Species Act.

When your child dies of hydatid disease, carried and spread by wolves, will you still think they are so wonderful?

And when the elephants go on the rampage and trample cars, destroy homes, and create general chaos in cities, remember, they were here first.

We don't need wolves; the Canadian Gray Wolf introduced here is not indigenous and is not endangered.

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Last year the Obama Administration removed federal protection from some of the wolves that had been restored to the northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act.

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But then, wolf-lovers don't have to live with them either. ), but there does seems to be a need for compromise here.

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