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Tyree supplied them with copies of the customer orders and they agreed to finance her purchase and sales transactions and share the profits.In July 2016, they spoke to Tyree, stating there had been no payment from the first set of invoices and that as such, they would not be providing her with further finance. They entered into an agreement with her on the premise that seven invoices from six companies totalling over £1.8 million had been sold to her.But the scam was investigated by the City of London Police fraud squad and Tyree, 32, was jailed for five years.Tyree's love of fashion came from her lavish grandmother who introduced her to a world of luxury fur coats, expensive dresses, jewellery and handbags, according to the Sophia Beckford section of the Not Just A Label website, for upcoming designers to showcase their talent.It was discovered through a court procedure that the original material used by Tyree to secure the finance was entirely fabricated, at which point the City of London Police's Fraud Squad began an investigation.Tyree was sentenced to five years after she was found guilty for two counts of fraud by false representation at Inner London Crown Court.She told the Evening Standard: 'I 100 per cent thought I was dying.I thought that was it, definitely no doubt in my mind.' 'I remember my chest being crushed and taking what I thought was my last breath.'He stopped just before crushing my head. I had black eyes for about six weeks from the pressure of the truck being on top of me.'Ms Heanaghan pedalled off when the lights went green as she turned right from the high street onto Commercial Road.

'Sarah suffers constant physical pain as a result of the accident and battles with depression every day.'It takes immense resilience and hard work to cope with an accident like this.They were therefore unable to prosecute the driver, but the police witness report did confirm the driver 'should have seen' the cyclist.In their defence statement, the lorry driver said he did not see her in his mirror, as it was only positioned to show the nearside of the HGV.On the strength of this, they forwarded more than £187,000 to her business account.A day later more than £25,000 had been withdrawn from this account and transferred into an account in the name Miss Elle Tyree.

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She was treated by London's Air Ambulance medics at the scene, and then taken to the nearby Royal London Hospital.

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