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When I see the beauty and truth in God creating us equal but different, I see the beauty and truth in everything else he has said to us.

It’s not just simply about me believing in different roles for men and women.

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However, complementarianism can still shape and influence how singles live their lives.

COMPLEMENTARIANISM & AUTHORITY Marriage is a great example of complementarianism, but it actually points to something far greater.

From the beginning, we see that God created us in his image as male and female (Genesis ).

Continuing through the rest of Scripture we see clear evidence that men and women were created for roles that are different—but equal (Gen 3; Prov 31; Eph 5; 1 Peter 3; Titus 2, to name a few).

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COMPLEMENTARIANISM & THE CHURCH Since complementarianism has shaped my understanding of Scripture and submission to Christ, it has laid the groundwork for my participation in the life of a congregation.