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Givenchy, Chanel, Valentino, Balmain, Stella Mc Cartney, Saint Laurent... This time her high neck number is by Miu Miu, and we love the quirky telephone print.It's oh so retro, plus the pleated skirt is super flattering!Like we fight and then she literally came over at night and helped me make a whole dinner for me and 20 of my friends.We end up butting heads sometimes, but at the end of the day she's my sister.'Kim told her: 'Kourtney, Khloe and I get like this all the time.'In fact, Kourtney and Khloe also seemed set for a falling out as they planned to launch a fitness fashion line together, with Khloe putting on hold a line she had ready for Good American.'I love working with Kourt, I love that she's passionate and excited about something, so I'm fine tabling my Good American line for a minute,' she said.But despite her argument, she was found guilty and jailed for 51 years for first degree murder, aggravated robbery and prostitution.She had been tried as an adult, with prosecutors having argued that she had killed Allen as she was trying to rob him.Her sisters seemed against the idea, with Khloe, 33, worried it would 'filter' her and lose the openness her fans love, while Kourtney, 38, worried thinking too much would just make her even more nervous when doing press events.

KIM Kardashian has instructed a top lawyer to fight for the release of a former child sex-trafficking victim who killed an estate agent who picked her up for sex.

The sisters were seen sunbathing in bikinis and working out - laughing as they tried to do cartwheels - but then also bickering as Khloe clearly thought Kourtney was not doing enough to get their project up and running.

When she finally pulled the plug and told Kourtney she was instead going back with her line with Good American, Kourtney surprised her by smiling and saying: 'Go for it girl.''I'm not the fastest moving person, and I know that I procrastinate,' she admitted.'I know that I don't follow through - that's why I need a partner that does those things and pushes me.'Khloe was then seen in a sexy photoshoot for her line, wearing a skin-tight body suit, saying proudly: 'I don't want to go backward.

The Kardashian family's seemingly unstoppable rise to fame revolutionized the media landscape.

But without a certain infamous sex tape it would never have happened.

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