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If you are Christian and you do not share the beliefs of my brother then write to the ACL and tell them they do not speak for you.

If you support his reasoning, also write to these same people and say that.

He has stated a very strong position against marriage equality.

While I disagree strongly with him it is also his right to do so.

But I'm disappointed by the belittling, name-calling and stunts from both sides. The movement of marriage equality, at its core, is about love, tolerance, understanding, inclusion and equality.Since then I have seen a passionate yet vicious response from the Internet, my family and name insulted, lied about, speculation about his marriage and seen him called every name under the sun.He has chosen to make his marital status a personal target, so this is probably not unexpected.He is not a loony, a religious nut or any of the many other descriptions being thrown around. He is an intelligent, reasoned man making an argument and a stand on his principles and his religious truth on this issue. He is actively involved in the Australian Christian Lobby and this is their moment in the sun on the issue. But sadly most of the comments have been vicious lies, insulting attacks, accusations and ridicule. But the level of hate and nastiness, in my mind, is the equivalent of the extremists yelling 'Fags must die'.I have read the attacks on him, and his children and shame on those who attacked my niece and nephews and include them in this argument.

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In our debates over this issue, and you can imagine our Christmas conversations, he has always been open to listening, to countering and to engaging in a frank and open debate on the topic.

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