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How much care is a pet owner willing to provide to an ailing pet?From this author’s personal experience with treating cancer patients in California for 30 years, it can be stated with authority that the answer to this question is very personal and it may have no limits.Some pet owners feel that they would be unable to handle the thought of giving daily injections of insulin to a diabetic pet or giving a daily injection of fluids under the skin to a pet with failing kidneys.

Before your ostomy, you had a natural belt in your abdominal muscles.

Others have great interest in learning how to administer to their pets for convenience and needed financial savings.

The most important ingredient to look for in oneself, in the staff and in the pet owner is willingness. Put one special staff member as the appointed support person for a certain pet and its owner.

It is truly important to always speak to the caregiver in a tender, unhurried fashion as that person is most likely under a tremendous amount of personal, financial and emotional stress.

Home care for a pet that can’t walk or eliminate is a task certain pet owners have chosen to tackle with the help of Pampers, pet wheel chairs, egg crate mattresses and ramps.

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The nation is very impressed with the concern and care that the Hospice across America program has provided for people who are dying.