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(A) E-mail (B) Internet (C) US Mail (D) UPS Answer: (B) Following is not a social bookmarking site: (A) Digg (B) Delicious (C) Sqidoo (D) Facebook Answer: (C) Following is not a network protocol: (A) HTTP (B) SMTP (C) TCP/IP (D) Z39.50 Answer: (D) LOCKOSS (Software) is an international community initiative by: (A) MIT Libraries (B) Stanford University (C) University of Waikato (D) University of Southampton Answer: (B) Following is not a Web 2.0 tool: (A) Blog (B) Facebook (C) UGC-INFONET 2.0 (D) RSS feeds Answer: (C) Following is an example of microblogging: (A) Wordpress (B) Blogspot (C) Livejournal (D) Twitter Answer: (D) Now-a-days how many types of Protocol are used ?(A) 5 (B) 4 (C) 3 (D) 2 Answer: (D) Which type of protocol is used by interface for public data network (PDN)?(A) JCCC (B) ISID (C) Science finder scholar (D) ACS Answer: (D) Which one is E-Bibliographic database?(A) Nature (B) Blackwell (C) ISID (D) Springer Answer: (C) Virtua accommodates Different version of the MARC Standard?(A) USMARC (B) UKMARC (C) CANMARC (D) SWEMARC/All of above Answer: (D) Which is the journal of Library and Information Science?(A) Abacus (B) Acta numerica (C) Interlending and Document supply (D) All of above Answer: (C) The Electronic Library is...................... Chellapandian, Sambhunath Sahoo, Sampada D., Shradha Shukla, Three great achievements in U. Answer: (C) Of the following libraries in India, which one is the oldest library? Answer: (C) Books lost from the library are known through ________ (A) Stock verification (B) Charging and discharging (C) Shelf list (D) Accession Register Answer: (A) LA is the Library Association of (A) Manipur (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Great Britain (D) Canada.

This multi-tournament, multi-platform, multi-game event will give visitors the opportunity to experience the exciting world of competitive video gaming first-hand.

Even if you’re not a serious competitive gamer, there’ll be competitions for which you can sign up, giving you the chance to win prizes for showing off your gaming skills.

Come and support this growing industry, and discover what esports is really all about!

These questions and answers are compiled by: Amit Kumar Singh, Anupama Chetia, B. Answer: (B) User education may be provided in four interrelated areas which are (A) User's awareness, user studies, library orientation, bibliographic instruction (B) User's awareness, library orientation, inter-profiling, bibliographic instruction (C) Aptitude test of the users, use of cataloguing, inter-profiling, user's awareness (D) Bibliographic instruction, library orientation, computer literacy, user's awareness.

Asadullah, Badan Barman, Ghante Pradipkumar, Iliyas Kakandikar, Kankana Baishya, Krishna Roshan, Kusum Saini, Mayank Yuvaraj, Mayank Yuvaraj, N. Answer: (A) 'Fair use' is the norm for determining the legality of (A) Producing the second edition of a book (B) Photocopying an entire book (C) Making available a book to another library on inter-library loan (D) Prescribing a book as a text book.

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#rushesports2017 #Dominate The Game The NAG LAN is an unforgettable experience for any gamer wanting to spend a weekend filled with meeting new friends/teamies and reconnecting with old ones, as well as non-stop gaming 24/7.