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Film drama romantica online dating

It is a deep dark secret of mine that I used to be a philatelist—yes, you can denigrate that fine hobby by calling it stamp collecting if you wish.

I collected certain kinds of 19th-century postal history (mailed envelopes) and I used to enjoy travelling from dealer to dealer digging through bins of musty postal history looking for the items that I collected. Collecting postal history has gone from a labor of seeking out interesting shops and sales and digging through musty boxes to one of logging on to e Bay, typing in a search request (19th-century postal history), and clicking on whatever envelope covers catch my eye. Now I realize that the economic language of frictionless markets isn't very romantic, but the fact is that the dating game is a kind of market whether we want to admit it or not.

First, if it is too easy to find something you just don't value it as much.

If diamonds grew on dandelions no one would care about diamonds.

We need the scarcity to propel us to try the unlikely pairings.

It leads to stasis, both for individuals and for relationships and (turning my music example into a metaphor) it leads to music that is predictable and unexciting. Online markets assume we know what we are looking for, but sometimes we simply don't know what we are looking for until we stumble across it in a search for something else.

Let me illustrate this point by another example from my embarrassing hobby of philately—this story explains how I came to collect 19th-century postal history.

Much of what is valuable in this world is the product of mashing up ideas or music or personalities that are on the face of it incompatible.

And the secret is that great chemistry (for example in music) isn't about putting together people who are on the same page—it is about putting together people who are different and making it work. So it is with relationships; compatibility is a terrible idea in selecting a partner.

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Online markets reduce friction drastically in that they make the shopping part laughably easy.