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As it hovers through the dark, deep ocean, its digestive systems appears in red and its reproductive organs in yellow.

More investigations would be needed to rule out that the luminous jellyfish is not a new species, previously unknown to science.

The goal of their mission is to conduct one of the first extensive explorations of the 13,581-square-mile marine sanctuary in which Utu Seamount is located.Vice President’s Support of Persecuted Church Welcomed by White House Rally Organizer Vice President Mike Pence’s outspoken pledge to assist Christians in the Middle East was welcomed today by Rev. Terry Lee, chief organizer of the 19th Annual White House Prayer for our Nation gathering Saturday, May 20 at...This past April 19th at the New Life Tabernacle, Pastor Terry Lee attended and listened attentively, of Ms.This same year, he ventured in drama for the first time on the silver screen, playing a tortured father and cop in Franck Mancuso's Contre-enquête.In 2009, he appeared in A Man and His Dog alongside screen legend Jean-Paul Belmondo, with whom he has often been compared.

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It's not the first time that the Okeanos Explorer brings back stunning discovery from the dark depths of the ocean.