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Greater respect for the complexities of female sexual functioning has led them to conclude that suboptimal female genitalia may not be inherently better than suboptimal male genitalia, even if the reconstruction is "easier." In addition, other factors may be more important in gender satisfaction than functioning external genitals.

Chromosomal, neural, hormonal, psychological, and behavioral factors can all influence gender identity.

Many experts now urge delaying definitive surgery for as long as is healthy, and ideally involving the child in the gender decision.

Clearly, intersex is a complex issue, and its treatment has short- and long-term consequences.

The best answer will depend on many factors, including the specific cause of the intersex.

It is best to take the time to understand the issues before rushing into a decision.

In most cases, this person has a normal uterus and fallopian tubes.

This condition is also called 46, XX with virilization. There are several possible causes:46, XY INTERSEXThe person has the chromosomes of a man, but the external genitals are incompletely formed, ambiguous, or clearly female.

The person may have XX chromosomes, XY chromosomes, or both.

Parents should understand controversies and changes in treating intersex in recent years.

In the past, the prevailing opinion was that it was generally best to assign a gender as quickly as possible.

These include 45, XO (only one X chromosome), and 47, XXY, 47, XXX - both cases have an extra sex chromosome, either an X or a Y.

These disorders do not result in a condition where there is discrepancy between internal and external genitalia.

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Therefore, it requires the adequate production and function of male hormones.