Dating blog cat lady

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Dating blog cat lady

Unlike my co-blogger L, whose hatred for felines has been well covered, I happen to like cats. Why is the cat out of a carrier and just like, straight chillin’ in the car? You’re not one of those creepy people who walks his cat on a leash, are you? I grew up with them and I never understood why they get such a bad rap, especially from smug, superior dog owners (you know who you are, guys.) Cats are clean, adorable, quiet, and soft. I was going to get all high and mighty about the cats being the villains in every movie but actually, looking at that creature perched on Beardsy Mc Hipster, I totally believe that it’s an evil killing machine. That kitty is adorable and I’m pretttyyyy sure this gentleman is driving. and come to think of it, he’s smiling for the camera, not looking at the road. An Internet troll once even sent me a Facebook message just to tell me, "No man will ever love you.It'll just be you and your cat forever." (To be honest, that actually sounds pretty great!Plus, something about the spinster ideal is very appealing to me regardless.Now, stereotype might have it that these qualities set me back in the dating market.The moment I realized that I didn't have to change some part of myself to be attracted to people who clearly didn't like me for me anyway, I became a better partner because I'd figured out how to get my needs met.

It's also a comforting reminder that, despite what the haters say, there's a lot to appreciate about being a cat lady.In the literal sense, I'm one of those people with a love for cats that borders on obsession.A middle school bully once gossiped about me for wearing clothes with cats on them.The love and support keeps us posting new articles and keeping you the most up to date on new products for your furry friend!This is just odd, considering how good and fast Facebook is at taking down sex-related content and nudity that should fall under free speech protections.

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The book excerpt everyone’s talking about today is a hilarious parade of prudery and dated sexual stereotypes — and a whole lot of wishful thinking. “The extremist La Meute (french for “The Wolf Pack”) is a Quebec based anti-immigrant group that has been rapidly growing, both in numbers and in recognition.

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