Chat roulette lou ky

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Chat roulette lou ky

The average person today, especially someone with cancer, is walking around with a serious case of insufficient oxygen.

The following tips are musts if you are serious about overcoming cancer.

Foods that have their enzymes in them are known as live foods because they produce and support life.

You can put the seeds of these foods into the ground and you will have a tree or plant growing.

This is where most diseases originate–from candida to cancer and everything in between.

If you put a food in the ground and it won’t grow, don’t put it in your body.

Keep in mind that cooking destroys all enzymes in foods and a person trying to heal from cancer should consume a 100% raw, live-food diet.

The directors of HHI recommend that all people healing cancer should avoid all sugars, even sugars found in fruits.

If it wasn’t food one hundred years ago, don’t consider it food today.

New foods also have new drugs and chemicals in them in amounts that are harmful to the body.

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