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Toadie and Sonya allow Cat to spend the night with them.

Cat later asks Sonya and Toadie if she can live with them, as she does not want to stay with her foster parents, who she feels do not want her as they are expecting a baby.

The 31st season of Neighbours began airing from 5 January 2015.

When Tyler takes a car that is tracked by the police, Dimato is arrested.

However, the police, having been tipped off, arrive and Michelle and Paige try to escape.

Michelle trips and sprains her ankle, but Paige helps her.

Sonya invites Cat's foster mother, Lorraine (Michelle Celebicanin), over to talk.

Lorraine convinces Cat that she is wanted and Cat decides to return home.

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He tries to persuade her to leave Paige out of it, but Michelle makes her the new garage assistant.

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