Adult camping destinations

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Adventurous visitors can trek across the glacier’s icy landscape, passing bright blue pools and fissures along the way.The Ngorongoro Crater is as spectacular as it is vast.We all know the world’s a pretty big place, but there are times on the road when the penny drops and you realise just how incredible this pale blue dot really is.These are the moments we live for as travellers – finding those spectacular places that leave you awestruck.Out on Iceland’s rugged volcanic plains, you are totally alone and exposed to the elements.With the roar of water beside you and unbroken views of Iceland’s green meadows stretching out for miles, it can feel like you’re a tiny blade of grass bending in the arctic wind.

It’s only while watching these creatures casually going about their business, completely indifferent to your presence, that you realise this place has been untouched by human intervention for a millennia.

Completely secluded and swathed in clouds, the mysterious monastery does not permit any photography within its walls – meaning the only way to discover this remarkable place is to go and visit.

While the altitude can make trekking arduous, there’s plenty of time to catch your breath and admire the impressive valley views.

Historically, visitors were hauled up the cliffs using nets, which required faith that the timeworn ropes wouldn’t break 200 metres above the ground.

Today, visitors are lucky enough to use rock-carved steps instead.

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While every adventure has its special moments, we think these are guaranteed to take your breath away, thanks to their sheer scale.